Zhejiang Baixing Food Co.,Ltd. starts from autumn of 1996, with registration location of Qingyuan ,China . - " World Original Birthplace of Cultivated Shiitake ".
Baixing Food concentrates on mushroom industry with supplying best quality of mushrooms products to consumers in the world .

As one of top leading mushroom enterprises in China, Baixing Food is always undertaking business of Baixing global mushrooms industry chain building , from mushroom bases establishing , R&D, cultivation , processing , brand building , to sales servicing . Baixing is supplying more than 20 kinds of mushrooms .

Baixing has already invested and set up the largest organic mushrooms farm in China , which guarantee mushrooms safety and traceability .

Baixing is one of the most important wild and organic mushrooms exporters in China .

Baixing has set up strong business cooperation relationship with many world famous companies and supermarkets .

Baixing has established mushrooms R&D center , which makes us a top position on new types of fungi development among mushrooms industry in China .